Cooking, Healthy Eating, Fitness and FUN!

The Beacon is delighted to welcome a new member to our team, CHEFF:

C.H.E.F.F stands for Cooking, Healthy Eating, Fitness & Fun. The CHEFF programme is delivered to participants in a fun, social, and interactive way. Its focus is to engage families and peers to come together and enjoy cooking, education on healthy eating and games/activities around leading a healthier and more active lifestyle. Being involved in the CHEFF programme also means they spend quality time together as a family and are learning new skills and activities to take back home to encourage a change in habits.


The CHEFF programme aims to deliver the following outcomes.
• learn new skills
• spend time as a family
• cook on a low budget
• learn which foods are good for you – those which give you energy, which are good for muscle growth etc
understanding the benefits of eating well and being active creates a healthy lifestyle – eating well combined with physical activity, results in maintaining a healthy weight and reduce risk of heart disease. Therefore, reducing the risk of obesity.
promote a more active and healthier lifestyle for the whole family which will improve physical health and wellbeing.

Kate and Natalie are the brains behind this exciting new venture and would be delighted to hear from anyone who would like to learn more and especially those who may be able to volunteer.

Find out more at: