SenServe Builds on Success with New Product

Digital Innovation Award Winning business, SenServe is going from strength to strength as it launches a new maintenance product for letting agents, property & facility managers, fire & safety and SMEs that require regular maintenance and checks.
The product (MaintainPad), which is available to a range of sectors, allows users to log any issue from an App and Property Manager’s website which then provides them real-time updates on the progress being made towards the resolution of the issue. This massively improves the customer experience, the communication is automated and the property managers can focus on growing their business rather than updating tenants, landlords, contractors and even dealing with suppliers. MaintainPad offers end-to-end maintenance platform for everyone involved.
SenSeve is software as service business which develops bespoke software platforms for medium and large enterprise. The business was created four-years ago by Newcastle based entrepreneur Muhammad Ali.
He said: “I’ve worked in the property industry and have seen how communications between multiple parties can be a challenge which is why we have developed this product. It’s an easy way to streamline communications. Let’s say you are a tenant and there is an issue in your property. You can report the issue 24/7 and see what’s happening so when the letting agent contacts the landlord and when the agent contacts the maintenance provider. It’s a simple tool that makes things easier for all parties and overall increases customer’s satisfaction and reduces administration costs for Property managers.
“The great thing about this product is it has the capabilities to be used by a range of businesses including care homes, hospitals and offices. Better communication means things get solved faster saving them time and eventually costs.”
To find out more about what Senserve do, check out their website here: